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Part 3: Deploying Application-Specific S... > Chapter 10: Certificate Revocation

A.12. Chapter 10: Certificate Revocation

Q:Management has defined the following circumstances when a certificate must be revoked. Complete the following table to provide recommendations on what revocation reason should be applied if a certificate is revoked under matching circumstances.
Q:What revocation checking method would you use for the offline CAs in the CA hierarchy?
A:The offline CAs must use CRL checking. The OCSP Responder cannot communicate with an offline CA for revocation checking purposes.
Q:Can you configure the issuing CAs to only use OCSP, or must you provide both OCSP and CRL support for revocation checking?
A:You must implement both OCSP and CRL support on the issuing CAs. The reasons are two-fold: The Windows Server 2003 Web servers only support CRL checking for the certificate-based authentication, and the Online Responder determines revocation information by inspecting CRLs.
Q:What certificate template would you use for OCSP Response Signing?
A:The Windows Server 2008 enterprise CAs can issue certificates based on the default OCSP Response Signing version 3 certificate template.
Q:How many revocation configurations must be defined for the Fabrikam network?
A:Two. One for each of the issuing CAs.
Q:Assume that you have created a three-node Online Responder array to process the OCSP requests. Where would you define the revocation configuration?
A:You would define the revocation configuration at the array controller. The revocation configuration is then replicated to all array members from the array controller.
Q:For the purposes of disaster recovery, how would you back up the Online Responder configuration?
A:The responder configuration can be backed up for disaster recovery by performing a system state backup at the array controller.


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