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Understanding Print Servers > Understanding Print Servers - Pg. 243

Understanding Print Servers 243 discussed in the next chapter). Shared printers connected to a server are still local printers on the server. Network printers are printers that are connected to the network. They exist as a single device on the network -- this is different from a Windows Server machine acting as a print server. When a Windows Server machine acts as a printer server, it may share multiple printers. A networked printer is usually a single, dedicated device with a single IP address on the network. While some advanced network printers may support multiple IP addresses, they are still single devices on the network. You can connect to a network printer using a TCP/IP connection and then share it from the Windows server. This allows the Windows server to manage the printer queue for the printer. The printer queue stores the print jobs until they can be printed. You can manage the printer queue and print jobs in several ways. Change a print Job priority Print jobs have an associated priority value rang- ing from 1 to 99. The print job with the highest priority is printed before lower priority jobs. The default print job priority is 1. pause a print Job If a user prints an urgent job and other jobs are in the queue