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Chapter 4: Administering Services > Troubleshooting Services - Pg. 89

Tr o u b l e s h o o t i n g S e r v i c e s 89 restarting Services Sometimes a service will stop responding. When you look at the service status in the Services.msc application, it may show Started as the status even though it is no longer responding. In such cases, you should try restarting the service to get it running properly again. An additional reason for restarting a service man- ually is to apply configuration changes. In some cases, configuration changes will not be applied until the service is restarted. You can restart a service in the GUI interface by simply taking one of the following actions: Click on the service and then click the Restart Service button. Select the Action menu and choose the Restart option. To restart a service at the CMD Command Prompt, you will need to perform a stop and start procedure: 1. Use the net stop command to stop the service. 2. Use the net start command to start it again. You may alternatively use the Command Prompt sc command, but it also requires one command to stop the service and another to start it. In Windows PowerShell, you can use the restart-service command to restart a service. It works just like the start-service and stop-service commands. Use the following procedure to restart a service in Windows PowerShell: 1. Click Start All Programs Accessories Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell. 2. Execute the following command: restart-service spooler. 3. When the command processing completes, execute the exit com- mand to exit the Command Prompt. O There is no actual restart option with the net command. troubleshooting Services Server service problems tend to fall into three categories. The first is service depen- dencies. Services may depend on other services, so it is important to understand the relationships between different services. The second is configuration problems. It is important to understand how to properly configure services. The third and final problem is improper permissions. Services must interact with the operating