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I ntroductIon Servers are important tools used on modern networks. They provide email support, file and print services, application functionality, and so much more. Server administrators are in high demand, and modern technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing have only increased the importance of the server administrator's job. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is a certification pro- vided for entry-level professionals and those with long careers in the industry who have never acquired a certification credential. It includes three separate tracks: Information Technology (IT) Professional, Developer, and Database. The IT Professional track is for individuals pursuing work as administrators. The Developer track is for individuals pursuing work as programmers and software engineers. The Database track is for individuals pursuing work as database administrators and database developers. The IT Professional series includes three certifications: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals This certification assumes no previous knowledge of Windows Server Administration and allows you to start from the beginning to learn how to administer Windows servers. The knowledge acquired through the Networking Fundamentals and Security Fundamentals certification programs will be helpful as you study Windows Server administration