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3. Managing Server 2012 > Server 2012’s Interface

Server 2012’s Interface

After you log into the Server with a GUI interface, the first window that opens automatically is the Server Manager dashboard. Although Server Manager is where you would perform most administrative tasks, what if you want to get to the desktop and Start button?

Server 2012’s GUI omits the Start button from previous Windows operating systems. By default, the Recycle Bin is the only icon displayed on the desktop (see Figure 3-1).

Only the taskbar remains from the Server 2008 interface in the initial desktop view. In Server 2012, the taskbar has three pinned shortcuts: Server Manager, PowerShell, and Windows Explorer.

Be forewarned: if you are used to managing Server 2008 R2 and legacy Windows Servers, you may find the interface changes frustrating. I was quite disoriented at first when in Server 2012’s desktop screen—I didn’t even know where to click to shut the system down! After working with Server 2012 for about a week or so, I discovered that none of the tools or menus we’re used to working with in Windows Server is missing. They’ve just been rearranged somewhat. The Start menu, for instance, is now its own screen independent from the desktop. It’s actually easier in some ways to find programs and tools in Server 2012 than in past versions. The rest of this chapter shows you how.


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