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Chapter 11. Disk Management > Partitions and Volumes - Pg. 252

We briefly mentioned storage area networks (SaNs) earlier. although they are ex- cellent, fast, flexible, and highly fault-tolerant, they have traditionally only been for those with really large It budgets. plus, they have been rather tricky to implement and configure. With the wide availability of affordable software iSCSI solutions-- including third-party software iSCSI targets--and solutions based on Windows Stor- age Server, this is changing. If you're implanting SBS in a virtualized environment, a SaN solution is a much better choice than a NaS solution. Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials a new player in the stand-alone storage market is Windows Storage Server 2008 r2 essentials (WSSe). Designed to provide a single storage location and backup solu- tion for the home business and small business markets, WSSe is based on Windows Server 2008 r2 and provides many of the functions of a NaS server. WSSe uses the same code base and technology as Windows Home Server and Windows Small Busi- ness Server 2011 essentials, but it's designed to integrate into existing SBS networks to provide flexible storage and client backup. WSSe provides a flexible secondary storage solution that also does client backups really well. (See Chapter 16.) Now if it only included iSCSI target functionality, it would be perfect. While limited to backing up 25 client pCs or fewer, WSSe provides a simple inter- face and flexible storage for extending SBS networks, and it's the clear choice for