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Part IV: Appendixes > Demand-Dial Routing - Pg. 245

Troubleshooting 245 RIP and SAP for IPX Misconfiguration is a common cause of problems for all routing and remote access components and features, and RIP and SAP for IPX are no different in this regard. If you are having trouble, double- check the following possible causes: · The Routing and Remote Access Service might not be running. Verify that the service is running. · The correct routing protocol might not be installed on the correct interface. Make sure the correct IPX protocol (RIP for IPX or SAP for IPX) is enabled on the correct interface. · The interface might not be operational for RRAS. Verify that the interface's Administrative State in the RRAS console is set to Enabled, and that the interface's Operational State (also in the RRAS console) is set to Up. If it is disabled, enable it by right-clicking the interface and then clicking Enable. · The router's IPX network number might be incorrect. Verify that your router is configured for the correct external network number, frame type, and internal network number. You can use the ipxroute config command to display your IPX configuration. · The update interval might be set at a different interval than the other routers in the network. Check that the update interval matches the rest of the routers on that network. It is recommended that all routers in a network have the same update interval. · A manual update might not have been performed for the first update. If you are using autostatic updates, be sure to perform a manual update for the first update. If you do not, autostatic updates will fail. · Packet filters might be too restrictive for the required traffic types. If you set up packet filtering, be sure that the filters you set do not prevent the passing of types of traffic that will be traveling over your network (And while you're checking, it's a good idea to make sure the filters are not