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Chapter 26. Understanding PowerShell Com... > Discovering Windows PowerShell Comma...

Discovering Windows PowerShell Commands

Very few people will ever master all of the PowerShell commands. However, you can master a basic self-discovery method used to learn and master any specific command. This method includes three important commands.

PowerShell Discovery CommandDescription
get-command [switches]
PS C:\>get-command
PS C:\>get-command -commandtype
PS C:\>get-command -commandtype
PS C:\>get-command -commandtype

The get-command cmdlet shows all of the possible commands. You can list the cmdlets, aliases, or functions separately, as shown by the three examples.
get-help command [-full |
-detailed | -examples]
PS C:\>get-help set-execution-
policy -full
PS C:\>get-help get-process
PS C:\>get-help start-service

The get-help command provides access to a rich set of built-in help.

You can follow get-help with the name of any command. By default, it provides basic help. However, you can also add the -full, -detailed, or -examples switch.

The -detailed switch expands the basic information with more details and includes examples.

The -full switch provides verbose help, including technical information. It includes all available help information, including examples. It often includes online links for more information.

The -examples switch shows a brief synopsis with the examples.
command or object | get-member
PS C:\>get-service | get-member

$variable | get-member
PS C:\>$profile | get-member

The get-member command provides information about commands. Almost all of the commands are objects, meaning they have properties and methods.

Properties are descriptions that you can retrieve and sometimes configure.

Methods are actions you can take with the item.


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