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List of Examples

List of Examples

Chapter 1

1.2.1A minimal smb.conf4
1.2.2Another simple smb.conf File5

Chapter 2

2.3.1Anonymous Read-Only Server Configuration13
2.3.2Modified Anonymous Read-Write smb.conf15
2.3.3Anonymous Print Server smb.conf16
2.3.4Secure Office Server smb.conf18
2.3.5Member Server smb.conf (Globals)21
2.3.6Member Server smb.conf (Shares and Services)22
2.3.7Engineering Office smb.conf (globals)25
2.3.8Engineering Office smb.conf (shares and services)26
2.3.9LDAP backend smb.conf for PDC28
2.3.10Remote LDAP BDC smb.conf31

Chapter 4

4.4.1smb.conf for being a PDC55
4.6.1smb.conf for being a PDC57

Chapter 5

5.2.1Minimal smb.conf for a PDC in Use with a BDC — LDAP Server on PDC68
5.2.2Multiple LDAP Servers in smb.conf69
5.3.1Minimal Setup for Being a BDC72

Chapter 7

7.3.1smb.conf for Reference Documentation Server92
7.3.2smb.conf for Anonymous Printing94

Chapter 9

9.4.1Domain Master Browser smb.conf123
9.4.2Local master browser smb.conf124
9.4.3smb.conf for Not Being a Master Browser124
9.4.4Local Master Browser smb.conf124
9.4.5smb.conf for Not Being a master browser125

Chapter 10

10.2.1Example Configuration with the LDAP idmap Backend147
10.4.1Configuration with LDAP167
10.4.2Example Configuration for the MySQL passdb Backend172

Chapter 11

11.3.2Configuration of smb.conf for the add group Script185
11.3.3Script to Set Group Mapping186

Chapter 12

12.3.1Script to Auto-add Domain Users to Workstation Power Users Group198
12.3.2A Magic Netlogon Share198

Chapter 13

13.2.1NT4 Domain Member Server smb.conf226
13.2.2ADS Domain Member Server smb.conf227
13.2.3ADS Domain Member smb.conf using idmap rid228
13.2.4ADS Domain Member Server using LDAP230
13.2.5ADS Domain Member Server using RFC2307bis Schema Extension Date via NSS233

Chapter 15

15.2.1Example File248

Chapter 16

16.3.1Share with Some Files Oplocked273
16.3.2Configuration with Oplock Break Contention Limit274

Chapter 19

19.1.1smb.conf with DFS Configured296

Chapter 20

20.3.1Simple Configuration with BSD Printing302
20.4.1Extended BSD Printing Configuration306
20.5.1[print$] Example315

Chapter 21

21.2.1Simplest Printing-Related smb.conf349
21.2.2Overriding Global CUPS Settings for One Printer350
21.10.1smb.conf for cupsaddsmb Usage383

Chapter 22

22.2.1smb.conf with VFS modules429
22.2.2smb.conf with multiple VFS modules430
22.3.1Share With shadow copy VFS435

Chapter 23

23.5.1smb.conf for Winbind Setup448

Chapter 24

24.4.1Script to Enforce Single Resource Logon466

Chapter 29

29.5.1VFS CAP528

Chapter 33

33.1.1Elastic smb.conf File546
33.1.2CDROM Server smb-cdserver.conf file546
33.1.3Master smb.conf File Global Section547
33.1.4MERLIN smb-merlin.conf File Share Section548
33.1.5SAURON smb-sauron.conf File Share Section548

Chapter 37

37.2.1smb.conf with [tmp] Share577
37.3.1Configuration for Allowing Connections Only from a Certain Subnet580
37.3.2Configuration for Allowing Connections from a Certain Subnet and localhost580

Chapter 42

42.5.1Minimal Profile Share613

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