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S UMMARY 37 Relationship of SD to Other Relevant Modules The SD module in the mySAP ERP system integrates with other modules, such as the QM, WM, MM, CS, and LE modules. When a customer places an order for goods, the verification of the availability of goods is done from the material master data of the MM module. This depicts the relationship of the SD module with the MM module. Moreover, the shipping and delivery processes of the SD module are configured with the LE module, depicting the relationship of the SD module with the LE module. The quality management and customer service support for the goods sold to a customer, represented by the sales order document of the SD module, is managed by the QM and CS modules. Similarly, the transfer of delivery documents to warehouse management shows the relationship of the SD and WM modules. The relationship of these modules with the SD module is discussed in detail in the later chapters of this book. Let's now summarize the concepts explored in this chapter.