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Chapter 13. Tools > Analytics - Pg. 973

Analytics 973 Analytics By now you have learned enough about DTrace to understand the raw analytical power that it offers to a skilled practitioner--emphasis on skilled. And it takes time, ability, and experimentation to become a DTrace expert. What if there was an easier way for nonexperts to use the power of DTrace to diagnose complex sys- tems in real time? Some of the finest minds at Sun Microsystems were applied to this question. The result was Analytics, 5 a DTrace-based graphical analysis tool released in late 2008 as part of the Sun ZFS storage appliance (the 7000 series). Analytics enables you to construct complex DTrace queries via a simple point- and-click graphical interface, designed to promote drill-down analysis without knowledge of DTrace or operating system internals. It uses visualizations to pres- ent the resulting data in ways that add value, aiding interpretation with line plots, stacked plots, heat maps, hierarchy views, and pie charts--whatever is most effec- tive for the data type presented. A system can be analyzed in real time, with data retained at a one-second granularity for postevent analysis. This chapter introduces Analytics as a case study in using DTrace via a graphi- cal environment and illustrates how visualizations can enhance the data that