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Tivoli Configuration Manager Software Di... > Distribution deadline and retry_ep_c... - Pg. 334

8.3.7 Distribution deadline and retry_ep_cutoff If the endpoint remains in an unavailable or interrupted status, the gateway will try to contact the endpoint every conn_retry_interval until the retry_ep_cutoff is reached. In this case, the distribution continues to be in the MDist 2 queue, but it is ignored by the distribution manager until the endpoint logs in again or the distribution reaches the deadline. 8.3.8 Machine hangs while running a script or during reboot There might be a situation (for example, a commit with automatic reboot or reboot if necessary) when the machine does not respond to the Windows shutdown command. In other scenarios, a script can be in a loop that does not timeout. In those cases, the distribution process spd_eng in the endpoint waits for the script to exit or the reboot to be performed (spd_eng). In that scenario, the following behavior is expected: The execute_timeout or send_timeout expires, so the endpoint status becomes interrupted. The gateway contacts the endpoint every conn_retry_interval, and a second spd_eng is triggered in the endpoint; however, it exits as the original spd_eng is still running. The gateway will keep contacting the endpoint until retry_ep_cutoff is