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Chapter 5: An ILM quick assessment > Defining actions with classified data - Pg. 97

5.5 Defining actions with classified data The quick assessment goal is to collect, as quickly as possible, information about storage usage to help administrators view the current environment status, and help them take actions to reclaim storage space and improve storage capacity and availability. These actions are important decisions and should be taken considering the information provided by data classification reports, administrators' knowledge about their systems, and best practices and recommendations of product vendors. The following sections provide general suggestions to help manage the space used by each type of data. For more details and proposed solutions for ILM and data classification, see Chapter 7, "ILM initial implementation" on page 119. 5.5.1 Actions for non-business files The section "Reporting non-business files" on page 91 shows TPC for Data-generated reports with the file types selected as non-business and the amount of storage they are using. Ultimately, the best choice might be to simply delete these files, considering that enterprise storage space should not be used for non-business files. However, at this stage of the assessment, it is important to know how much space is being used by these files. If reports show large amounts of storage occupied by non-business files, an administrator should further investigate why these files are being created, and take appropriate actions to stem this growth, for example, implementing quotas for users' personal directories or issuing guidelines on storage of non-business files by users.