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Part 2: Evaluating ILM for your organiza... > Chapter 6: The big picture for an IL... - Pg. 103

6 Chapter 6. The big picture for an ILM implementation framework After reading the previous chapters you now know the different business drivers to implement ILM, the key technology enablers, and the different benefits. You know that ILM requires a change in thinking to leave the traditional function-based storage model and evolve to a service-based storage model. In this chapter you will learn about: The big picture and why you should care about it Some entry points to ILM, whether ILM is for you, why there is not one packaged solution Why ILM is more then tiered storage Why ILM is not the final step to the ultimate storage model How the different elements of ILM fit together © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 103