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End-to-end scheduling tips and tricks > Cannot switch to new Symphony file (EQQ... - Pg. 606

For the OPC connector and JSC to work again, it was necessary to change the TOPOLOGY PORTNUMBER to a different value (not equal to the SERVOPTS PORTNUMBER) and cycle the E2E Server task. Note that this problem could occur if the JSC and E2E PROTOCOL functions were implemented in separate tasks (one task E2E only, one task JSC only) if the two PORTNUMBER values were set to the same value. If the two PORTNUMBER options were set to the same value, but the JSC server were started before the end-to-end server, it's likely that the JSC server would start up as expected and the end-to-end server would instead generate an error similar to the one above. Again, you must ensure that these two PORTNUMBER options are not set to the same value; otherwise, conflicts will arise. 17.8.7 Cannot switch to new Symphony file (EQQPT52E) messages The EQQPT52E message, with text as shown in Example 17-31, can be a difficult one for troubleshooting because of several different possible causes. Example 17-31 EQQPT52E message EQQPT52E Cannot switch to the new symphony file: run numbers of Symphony (x) and CP (y) aren't matching