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Scripting JavaScript and Java > Core JavaScript - Pg. 443

environment has some minor constraints, but there is really no limit to what you can do. Another use of scripts is to change the behavior of something. Merely enabling certain components to accept a script changes the behavior of the component. In the case of error Hooks, enabling them causes the Connector to handle exceptions rather than stopping execution. The script itself is optional, but can modify the action further. This table is a comprehensive list of the places you might enter scripts: Table 5-21 Scriptable fields Location Connector Hooks Attribute Maps (Advanced Mapping) AssemblyLine Hooks Scripts in Script Library Comments Available Hooks change with Connector mode; some are shared among modes. Found in Connectors and AttributeMap components. Look in tab to the left of Data Flow. Explicitly include these scripts with Include Additional Prologs dialog in AssemblyLine Config tab.