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Chapter 5. Planning the Migration > Planning the Project Resources - Pg. 136

136 UNIX Application Migration Guide There will be interdependencies between the support plan and the training plan, because some of the materials may be the same. Migration Schedule A migration schedule can have several components. These can be technical, busi- ness-related, or organizational in nature. Common things to consider include: G Windows versions. G Independent software vendor (ISV) release schedules. G Hardware lease expirations. G Hardware availability. G Resource availability. G Customer reorganizations. Keeping all of these dependencies in mind, visible project milestones need to be established. Clear metrics should be established for each milestone, with a post mortem review performed after each milestone. Table 5.3 illustrates an example migration schedule. Table 5.3. Example Migration Schedule Each milestone should have a fixed date to keep the focus on the current task. A UNIX to Windows migration often needs a jumpstart to get moving. You should pay extra attention in the early stages until the migration gains the momentum to see it through to the finish. Planning the Project Resources It serves little purpose to have a comprehensive and well-considered migration plan if you don't have the time and resources to implement it. It is unlikely that infinite resources are available, so migration activities are bounded by available effort and