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Appendix A: Case Study: Cloud Providers - Hybrid Cloud 325 Gold service: Provides isolated public and private connectivity, with the highest level of SLA/QoS, and a separate security service is provided through firewalls. The users can specify the security level (Low/Medium/High) during the service setup. In addi- tion, a load-balancing service is provided through load balancers. The Gold service is comprised of a VM ratio of 1:1, ACE and FWSM, a queue bandwidth of 40 percent, and a dedicated VLAN, VRF, firewall, and load balancing. 100 percent local data protection and recovery exists using a clone (full copy). Remote replication exists to the DR site. Diggit Service Requirements Diggit has chosen to deploy Gold network containers to support its development and test environments to give it the greatest flexibility and security. Diggit is also working with ABCNet's product development teams to develop more flexible containers that will sup- port its needs going forward as it believes it will ultimately migrate its remote cloud serv- ices to the public cloud to realize even more capital and operating expense savings. Summary The overall strategy of Diggit has been to adopt the cloud as a way to deliver more flexi- bility and cost savings to the business by offloading its testing and development platform to the public cloud and adopting a utility consumption model, pay as you use. The over- all strategy of ABCNet has been to get to market quickly with a cloud solution that allows it to capture the business of early adopters such as Diggit and to continue to refine and enhance its cloud offerings over time. Both organizations have recognized the value that the cloud brings as a business opti- mization and revenue generation vehicle. The changes on the Diggit side will be more sig- nificant as they are transforming IT into a service-orientated department, and while some IT organizations are well versed in an IT Service Management (ITSM) approach, Diggit is not one of those. On the other hand, ABCNet already understands how to create and monetize technical services, so the cloud for that company is very much more about extending its automation and orchestration know-how from the traditional telecommuni- cations space into the IT data center. This case study illustrated that although the technical challenges and solutions for a pub- lic and private cloud can be different, they are converging, and the cloud broker will be a key technical component in this integration. Additionally, most IT companies will benefit from leveraging telco experiences and work practices along with the more traditional IT ITIL/ITSM best practices as they become cloud providers or consumers.