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CICS J2C application development > Update the ejb-jar.xml - Pg. 206

res-resolution-control: 999 (undefined) isCMP1_x: false (not CMP1.x) isJMS: false (not JMS) This warning message would be generated because the application code is doing a direct JNDI lookup of the resource. You might argue that it appears the application is not doing a direct JNDI lookup since the code has the following: cf = (ConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/" + jndiName); which is the correct convention to use to perform a logical resource lookup. However, even though this would mean that a logical JNDI lookup of java:comp/env/CICSLocal was done, since no logical resource has been defined in the ejb-jar.xml at this time, the logical lookup fails, and WebSphere then does a direct JNDI lookup using just the value of eis/CICSLocal. Assuming that the server has a J2C CICS connection factory defined with a JNDI value of eis/CICSLocal, then the direct lookup succeeds and the warning message is issued. As the warning message says, this approach is deprecated it will in all likelihood fail in a future versions of WebSphere.