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General overview of JMS provider types > WebSphere MQ JMS provider - Pg. 95

name> Data store, the JNDI name of a corresponding data source may be specified. By default a CloudscapeTM-embedded JDBC provider type data source is supplied here and automatically created. However, which RDBMS should be used depends on the topology of your application servers and the capabilities of that RDBMS. If permissions are set correctly, the required tables can automatically be created as well. If not, the <WebSphere installation directory>/bin/sibDDLGenerator command can be used to generate the DDL to create these tables. Mediation The term mediation refers to the broker type component that is implemented in the Default messaging system. With mediation it is possible to manipulate messages as they traverse the bus. For example, mediation could: Transform a message from one format into another. Route a message to another destination. Distribute a message to multiple target destinations. Augment a message by adding data from a data source. A mediation is administratively associated with a bus destination. The mediation handler is the Java program that performs the actual function of the mediation. It can be deployed in a mediation handler list, which is a collection of handlers to be invoked in sequence during mediation.