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Appendix A: WebSphere Application Server... > Web authentication - Pg. 254

JCA 1.5 support WebSphere Application Server V6 supports the JCA Version 1.5 specification, which provides new features such as the inbound resource adapter. From a security perspective, WebSphere Application Server V6 provides an enhanced custom principal and credential programming interface and custom mapping properties at the resource reference level. SSL channel framework The SSL channel framework incorporates the new IBMJSSE2 implementation. It also separates the security function of Java Secure Sockets Extension (JSSE) from the network communications function. Web authentication WebSphere Application Server V6 enables you to use the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) programming model to perform Web authentication in your application code. To use this function, you must create your own JAAS login configuration by cloning the WEB_INBOUND login configuration and defining a "cookie=true" login option. After a successful login, using your login configuration, the Web login session is tracked by single signon (SSO) token cookies. This option replaces the SSOAuthenticator interface, which was deprecated in WebSphere Application Server V4. Web services security WebSphere Application Server V6 increases the extensibility of Web services security by providing a pluggable architecture. The implementation in version 6 includes many of the