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Chapter 1: WebSphere Information Integra... > Typical federated query flow - Pg. 43

Attention: The distributed architecture of WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition enables components to be deployed on multiple application servers throughout the enterprise. In some environments this may mean that WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition services must run on a machine separated from the application server by a firewall. Typical RMI communication occurs on a randomly assigned port, making it difficult to configure the firewall to support RMI communication. Each WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition service enables the RMI port to be specified by setting the following system property: com.venetica.vbr.rmi.port. 1.4 Typical federated query flow Figure 1-16 provides a high-level overview of the flow of a federated query. Each of these steps is described here. Step 1: Provide query parameters Step 2: Access SSO Server