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Chapter 6: Privacy and security > Privacy and security in the Public Health Ale... - Pg. 174

6.4 Privacy and security in the Public Health Alert scenario This section describes how the security and privacy features of HCN work in practice. We follow an HL7 message from its source inside a provider's system, through the publisher gateway and the HCN hub to the subscriber gateway. At each step, we describe the privacy and security features, as well as point out areas where additional security can be provided through means outside of HCN. Figure 6-4 on page 175 shows the flow and data interaction for a message moving within our public health alert scenario. In the following section we will use the numbered points in the figure to elaborate on the privacy process of message transmission. HCN implementation is based on a number of IBM middleware products. Where their security features are relevant to HCN solutions, we describe what they are and how you can use these features to implement additional security and privacy measures.