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Review Questions

1.What are the system requirements when using Promise Storage and Xsan 2?
2.The key to a Fibre Channel fabric is the Fibre Channel switch; what factors should you consider when specifying a switch?
3.The maximum cable run from a client to an Ethernet switch should be no greater than what?
4.When purchasing fiber optic connectors, why should you make sure that they are qualified for use in a Fibre Channel network?
5.Should a controller on a Promise VTrak fail, what happens to the LUNs associated with that controller?
6.Why is a network time server recommended for Xsan deployments?
7.How does the deployment of directory services assist with user and group management?
8.Why is it not recommended to have multiple LUNs associated with more than one RAID controller?


1.When using Promise VTrak storage with Xsan 2, your system must be configured with an Intel processor and either Mac OS X v10.5.2 or Mac OS X Server v10.5.2.
2.Port density, expandability, speed, management, and power.
3.100 meters.
4.Fiber optic connectors for both Ethernet and Fibre Channel look the same. However, they support different protocols.
5.The second controller in the RAID takes over the management of those LUNs until the first controller is replaced.
6.Having all clients bound to the same network time server helps to keep files and processes that rely on date or time stamps in sync.
7.Directory services allows for the centralization of user and group management.
8.Generally, the more LUNs associated with a controller, the lower the bandwidth available to each LUN. On an Xserve RAID, multiple LUNs on a controller could have a serious impact on the performance of that LUN and storage pool. However, with the Promise VTrak, the performance of the controller has been improved by four times the amount of bandwidth available on an Xserve RAID controller. Therefore, the number of LUNs per controller is not as critical.


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