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Chapter 6. CICS considerations > Other miscellaneous suggestions - Pg. 126

6.10 Other miscellaneous suggestions This section includes other miscellaneous things to consider that might improve either startup or shutdown times. 6.10.1 CICSPlex SM recommendations For CICS region startup when using CICSPlex SM, the following parameters are recommended when using Business Application Services (BAS), Workload Manager (WLM), or both: MASPLTWAIT(YES): This parameter prevents any CICS applications from running and users signing on until CICSPlex SM has initialized and completed installing all the resources for that CICS region from BAS. This parameter should be set when you use BAS because allowing users to log on to CICS is pointless if the transactions have not yet been defined. MASINITTIME: The maximum length of time that is allowed for CICSPlex SM initialization is determined by the this parameter. The default is 10 minutes. You should monitor the length of time that it takes for your CICS systems to initialize and install their BAS definitions, and where necessary, increase the MASINITTIME. If MASINIITIME expires before CICSPlex SM initialization completes, that region does not become part of the CICSplex. Note: In CICS TS 4.1, changes have been made to help improve the start up time of the CICSPlex SM CMAS address space.