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Chapter 8. IMS considerations > How we measured - Pg. 156

8.1 Definition of startup and shutdown times For the purposes of this book, the startup time includes everything necessary to begin processing transactions. Everything includes initialization, restart, start dependent regions, and open databases. Key messages that delineate these phases in the startup process are: DFS0578I is the first message issued by IMS after it is started. DFS810A (or DFS3931I) signals the end of initialization. DFS058I is issued when the restart command is in progress. DFS994I indicates the end of restart processing. Shutdown is defined as starting when you enter the IMS checkpoint command to terminate IMS, or from when an abnormal termination starts until the time that the IMS control region is gone from the system. Messages include: DFS994I indicates that the checkpoint command is in progress. DFS994I informs you when shutdown has completed. DFS627I is also issued, indicating that the recovery termination manager (RTM) cleanup is complete. 8.2 How we measured Depending on the situation, we used the following methods to measure the startup and shutdown times: