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Chapter 5. z/OS UNIX shell and utilities > User-defined settings - Pg. 175

Some of the things a user may want to update in the .profile file are: ENV: use if the user has a separate shell script with environment variables. PATH: Add the user's home directory to the search path: PATH=$PATH:$HOME: Note how variables can be used in other variables. System programmers and system administrators need to have a $HOME/.profile file with the PATH environment set as follows: PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:$HOME: This allows the system programmers to run authorized utilities and to start daemons found in /usr/sbin, as follows: PS1 TZ Change the shell prompt. The default is #. Change if the user is located in a different time zone than the system. _BPX_SHAREAS=YES Add this to the profile to reduce the number of address spaces used by a shell user. The env command If using the env command to set a variable, the setting will only last for the duration of the user's session. The next time the user invokes the shell, this setting is forgotten. Use the .profile file or a shell script for variables that should be the same for each session. The system programmer should use the /etc/profile file for variables that all users should have set.