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Chapter 5. System-managed storage > Creating a VSAM cluster - Pg. 306

5.36 Creating a VSAM cluster //VSAM // // // // DD DSN=NEW.VSAM, DISP=(,CATLG), SPACE=(1,(2,2)),AVGREC=M, RECORG=KS,KEYLEN=17,KEYOFF=6, LRECL=80 NEW.VSAM NEW.VSAM.DATA NEW.VSAM.INDEX Figure 5-36 Creating a VSAM data class Creating a VSAM data set using JCL In the DFSMS environment, you can create temporary and permanent VSAM data sets using JCL by using either of the following: The RECORG parameter of the JCL DD statement A data class You can use JCL DD statement parameters to override various data class attributes; see Table 5-2 on page 298 for those related to VSAM data sets. Important: Regarding DISP=(OLD,DELETE), in an SMS environment, the VSAM data set is deleted at unallocation. In a non-SMS environment, the VSAM data set is kept. A data set with a disposition of MOD is treated as a NEW allocation if it does not already exist; otherwise, it is treated as an OLD allocation. For a non-SMS environment, a VSAM cluster creation is only done through IDCAMS. In Figure 5-36, NEW.VSAM refers to a KSDS VSAM cluster. Chapter 5. System-managed storage 299