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Chapter 13. Language Environment > LE nonoverridable parmlib capability - Pg. 250

Sk_SK.IBM-1165 You can use setlocale() to specify a locale setlocale(LC_ALL,"sk_SK.UTF-8") will now be a euro locale. Setlocale(LC_ALL,"sk_SK.UTF-8@preeuro) will allow the use of the previous default non-euro locale. Removal of conversion table source In z/OSV1R9, the C/C++ Runtime Libraries iconv() family of functions started using Unicode Services to perform most of their character conversion services. At that time it was decided to continue to ship conversion table source for all ucmap and genxlt conversion tables through the z/OSV1R11 release. Beginning in z/OS V1R12, the C/C++ Runtime Library will no longer ship any ucmap source or genxlt source for character conversions now being performed by Unicode Services. 13.5 LE nonoverridable parmlib capability For several years now, a method has been in place for controlling run-time option defaults at the system level using the CEEPRMxx parmlib member and the associated operator commands. This method can simplify customization of run-time options at your site. This is the recommended method for customizing run-time option defaults. Prior to z/OS V1R12, run-time option defaults that were required to be set as nonoverridable, could only be set as such using assembler language CSECTs and building usermods. LE has been recommending to its clients to use the parmlib support for setting run-time option defaults. Unfortunately, the parmlib support did not allow run-time options to be specified as nonoverridable.