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Chapter 1. The ZENworks Family - Pg. 1

CHAPTER 1 The ZENworks Family T his book that the Suite is actually a ZENworks 7 several, It is important to discusses features of the Suite. understand bundle of independently available ZENworks products that include the following: . ZENworks Desktop Management (formerly ZENworks for Desktops)--A desktop management system that manages many workstation aspects. ZENworks Desktop Management also includes ZENworks Patch Management, ZENworks Data Management, Instant Messenger, ZENworks Personality Migration, and ZENworks Software Packaging. . ZENworks Server Management (formerly ZENworks for Servers)-- A system that enables you to manage servers and to distribute files and applications across the network. ZENworks Server Management also includes ZENworks Patch Management. . ZENworks Handheld Management (formerly ZENworks for Handhelds)--A system that enables you to manage policies, appli- cations, and inventory on PDA devices. . ZENworks Asset Management--A system that enables you to dis- cover devices on your network and then perform inventory scans, track software usages, and reconcile licenses to those discovered applications. All ZENworks products rely significantly on the directory--specifically Novell eDirectory--to provide a greater capability to securely share management responsiblities and a greater ease of management for each component in the network. All the ZENworks products are