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About the Authors

About the Authors

Steve Tate, MCT and MCSE, has had seven years of experience with Windows NT and NetWare LAN administration. Most recently, Steve has focused exclusively on training and consulting on networking with Microsoft technologies. He was selected by Microsoft to be a member of the Windows NT 5.0 Rapid Deployment Team and has also developed exam items for Microsoft for use in Microsoft Certified Professional exams. His authoring experience includes two New Riders Publishing books: MCSE Training Guide: Windows NT 4 Workstation and Windows NT Server 4: Security, Troubleshooting, and Optimization.

Prior to teaching MS-certified courses, Steve was a trainer/consultant specializing in end-user applications training. He also dabbled in corporate life (a Systems Analyst programming in COBOL), and had stints as a PC analyst, computer salesman, and graduate student.

Jon Boggs is an MCSE, MCSD, and CNE. As a senior consultant for the eBusiness Networks practice of Xpedior Incorporated in Chicago, he has provided consulting services to a number of nationally known corporations. He is an expert at automating administrative tasks and system deployments, typically employing a mix of Windows NT/2000, SMS, and Visual Basic. Jon co-authored Planning for Windows 2000 and served as a technical reviewer on several BackOffice-related books. He enjoys reading and biking in his spare time.

Scott Burgess is a Managing Consultant and Sr. eBusiness Architect for Xpedior Incorporated, the number one Microsoft solution provider of the year worldwide for both 1997 and 1999. Scott is an MCSE+I and is MCT certified to teach all the current Microsoft products, including the new Windows 2000 curriculum. Scott has 15 years of experience implementing and designing enterprise-wide LAN, WAN, and heterogeneous operating system environments, including OS390, AS400, UNIX, NT, and OS/2. In the past two years, Scott's focus has been centered on the in-depth beta testing of Windows 2000. Through his involvement with Microsoft's JDP program (Joint Deployment Program), Scott and his team have architected and implemented several rollouts of Windows 2000 to international customers.

Randy Cook is an independent contractor from Salt Lake City, Utah. His qualifications include Certified Novell Instructor, Master CNE, Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCSE, and the Cisco CCNA. He is currently working for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida as a LAN Architect in their NT Enterprise and teaches in his spare time at Productivity Point International, Jacksonville Florida. He has an extensive background in distributive network integration and Directory Services.

Jeremy Deats ( is a Web application developer and e-commerce consultant with Penta, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Jeremy is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual Basic and is certified in IBM's Net.Commerce. When he's not hard at work, Jeremy is either spending time with his beautiful fiancée Amanda Clement or playing his guitar.

Art Henning's 14-year career with Intergraph Corporation includes a wide scope of experience in a support role for hardware, software, and networks with VAX VMS, various flavors of Unix, and WinNT, beginning with beta versions of 3.1. Art was staffed for three years as a Software Analyst and Consultant for Intergraph's NFS products, which were licensed to Microsoft and released as part of the WindowsNT Services for Unix bundle. This included certification work with Windows 2000. He currently is a Systems Administrator for one of Intergraph's MIS departments, and is an MCP.

Chris Jones is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. He holds a B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems and Finance from the University of Arizona. Chris is currently a Senior Systems Programmer for Intel Corporation. His experience at Intel has included engineering and implementation of enterprise Windows NT infrastructure architectures and extensive involvement in Microsoft's Joint Development Program for Windows 2000. Chris enjoys mountain biking, golf, and Tae Kwon Do in his spare time.

Thomas Lee is an independent computer consultant who has been working with Windows NT since 1993. After graduating with a BS in Computer Problem Solving from Carnegie Mellon University, he worked on two successful operating system projects (Comshare's Commander II and ICL's VME) before joining Andersen Consulting in 1981, where he was a manager in the London office. He has been an independent consultant since 1987. Most recently, he worked in Redmond developing Windows 2000 Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) training material and is presently engaged in several consulting projects relating to Windows 2000. Thomas is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Member of the Institute of IT Trainers, as well as being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP). Thomas lives in a cottage in the English countryside with his wife, Susan, and daughter, Rebecca. You can contact Thomas at

Mary McLaughlin, MCSE+I, MCT, ASE, ACT, lives in the Boston area with her beloved daughter, Margaret. She started as a systems administrator 10 years ago, and has worked consistently on small- to medium-sized LANs and WANs for profit and non-profit organizations. In the last five years, her focus has been on training individuals in Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Compaq technologies. Currently, she is involved in security solutions such as firewall, VPN, and PKI technologies.

Jim Mulvey is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. His 13 years of experience in the IT industry include project management, architecture, systems engineering, and technical support under a variety of platforms. He is currently a Senior Consultant with Xpedior Incorporated, an eBusiness solutions provider awarded Microsoft's "Partner of the Year—Worldwide" award for 1997. His experience at Xpedior includes engagement in Microsoft's Joint Deployment Program for Windows 2000, in which he was project manager and chief architect for one of the first production Windows 2000 Domain designs.

James O'Neill was born in 1965 and lives near Oxford, England. After doing a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Exeter, he joined the UK's biggest supplier of PCs for schools, where he planned and supported customers' networks before leaving in 1993 to work in the IT training industry. In 1995 he became Managing Director and major shareholder of SHX, a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre, before selling it in 1998, but continued to teach Windows NT and Microsoft Exchange. In 1999, he worked as part of Microsoft's team developing the MCP exams for Windows 2000. He married his wife Jackie in 1989 and their daughter Lisa was born in January 2000. He collects quotations and has the irritating habit of talking about himself in the third person.

David Shackelford holds a master's degree from California State University at Fullerton. His background includes working as a beekeeper, screening submissions for a popular poetry journal, and teaching NT operating system and networking courses at Hewlett Packard and Intel. He currently works for a firm in southern California as the supervisor of network operations.

Paul Papanek Stork is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the E-Ideas Lab for Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Paul has an MBA from Weatherhead and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer plus Internet, and a Certified Novell Engineer with more than 14 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting Microsoft and Novell Networks. Prior to his appointment as a lecturer at Weatherhead in January of 2000, Paul was an active member of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Rapid Deployment Program for DeCarlo, Paternite, and Associates, Inc. As a staff instructor at DPAI, he was one of the first MCTs in the Midwest to teach beta classes on Windows 2000 to other trainers and network engineers.

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