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Chapter 1. The Ubuntu Story > Free Software, Open Source, and GNU/Linux - Pg. 3

Free Software, Open Source, and GNU/Linux 3 projects, a list of efforts that includes Kubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Edition (for ARM), Ubuntu Studio, and other projects, are extending the reach and goals of the Ubuntu project into new realms. Meanwhile, millions of pressed Ubuntu CDs have been shipped at no cost to universities, Internet cafés, computer shops, and community centers around the world. While Ubuntu's familiar human-colored themes have been replaced by new light theming with its aubergine and orange tone backgrounds and title bars you can still find Ubuntu almost anywhere people use computers. The authors have personally seen strangers running Ubuntu on trains in Spain, in libraries in Boston, in museums in Croatia, in high schools in Mexico, and in many more places too numerous to list here. Over the years, Ubuntu has continued to mature. The public took even more notice of Ubuntu beginning with the release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, the first polished release with long-term support for both desktops and servers, and followed by a new release every six months and a new LTS release every two years up to the current 10.04 LTS. With these releases, Ubuntu has proven it intends to stick around for the long term while also improving consistently and on a predictable schedule. Even with this mat- uration, the project maintains its youthful vigor, its ambitious attitude, its commitment to its principles, and its community-driven approach. As the project ages, it is proving that it can learn from its failures as well as its suc- cesses and that it can maintain growth without compromising stability. With this release Ubuntu breaks new ground with the Unity Desktop on all x86 and x86_64 platforms. We've come a long way--and we're still only getting started. Free Software, Open Source, and GNU/Linux While thousands of individuals have contributed in some form to Ubuntu, the project has succeeded only through the contributions of many thou- sands more who have indirectly laid the technical, social, and economic groundwork for Ubuntu's success. While introductions to free software, open source, and GNU/Linux can be found in many other places, no