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Chapter 9. Get Connected > Step by step: What to do

Step by step: What to do

Below are the basic steps to follow to get yourself connected to the Internet so you can browse the web and do email.

Choose an Internet Service Provider, call them up, and pay your money (see the previous pages).

Get your modem hooked up. Your service provider will hook up the modem for you, but in our experience, they won’t always get your Mac set up to work with it. If you have a Mac-knowledgeable technician who does that for you, that’s great—you’re done. Skip to the next chapter.

Get the setup information from your provider. See the next two pages.

Either walk through the setup process if you’re turning on your Mac for the first time, and fill in the information (pages 125127 show screens similar to those you’ll see during the initial setup).

Or do it later: During the initial setup process, click the button that says you’ll connect later. After you get your Mac all put together, then use the Network preferences. (See pages 125127.)

After you’ve set up the preferences, you’re ready to connect. On a broadband account, wired or wireless, just open your browser or email program; see page 127.

On a broadband account, you don’t need to disconnect when you’re finished. Just leave it on and connect to the world at any moment. It’s so great.


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