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Starting Mail

Whether you want to exchange e-mail with colleagues and friends or join news feeds to access ideas and information, Mail provides you with all the tools you need. When you install Mac OS X, an icon for Mail appears in the Dock. The first time you start Mail, you need to set up an e-mail account by simply entering your e-mail address and password and letting Mail do the rest. If you are switching from another e-mail application to Mail, you can import your mailboxes and e-mail messages into Mail by answering a few questions. You can set Mail as your default e-mail application so that whenever you click an e-mail link on a Web page or select the mail command in your Web browser, Mail opens. If you have unread messages after you set up your mail accounts, a red circle with the number of unread messages appears on the Mail icon in the Dock.

Start Mail

Click the Mail icon in the Dock.

If you have a iCloud (New!7.2) or MobileMe account, Mail automatically creates an e-mail account using your existing information.

When you start Mail for the first time, the application asks you:

  • If you don’t have an e-mail account, follow the one step instruction, enter your e-mail address and password.

  • If prompted and you want to import mailboxes from another e-mail client. If so, click Yes, and then follow the on-screen instructions (see details on the next page). Otherwise, click No.


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