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PREFACE - Pg. 14

PREFACE What good is software and hardware if you can't hack it? In my book (literally), it's no good at all. Windows-related software and hardware is eminently hackable. As you'll see, you can hack just about anything. Want to completely redo Windows Vista's (or Windows XP's) interface? I'll show you how. How about hacking the dreaded Vista User Account Control prompt, ReadyBoost, or Windows Aero? It's in here as well. Want to mod your PC's case, do some serious Zune hacking, replace your home router's firmware to give it enterprise-level features, hack your BIOS, speed up Internet access for free, take control of your wireless network, and more? That's all in here as well, and plenty more, to boot. (And yes, there are plenty of hacks for booting your PC as well, including setting up