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Week: 1 At a Glance

Week 1: At a Glance

Week 1 tells you about Windows from the user’s perspective. You’ll learn about new Windows XP features, how to install Windows, and how to use the interface features. This week also tells you how to use Windows efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you’re surfing the Internet, playing a game, or working with an accessory. The main goal this week is to help you understand Windows usage techniques. Of course, we’ll cover many fun areas, and you’ll learn many tips, too. The following list tells you more about each day:

  • Day 1, “Introduction to Windows XP,” investigates three main topics. The first topic explores the question, “What can Windows XP do for me today?” The second topic answers the question, “How has Windows XP changed?” Finally, the third topic talks about real world requirements to install Windows XP.

  • Day 2, “Windows XP Installation and Configuration,” begins by covering the major requirements for an upgrade. The installation sections examine four procedures: character mode, GUI, network, and unattended. Finally, we’ll discuss what you need to do to perform an upgrade of your system.

  • Day 3, “Exploring the Interface,” covers all of the essentials of navigating Windows. You’ll learn how to work with the various Windows objects and how to create new additions to your Taskbar. You’ll also learn how to manage the desktop. This includes selecting themes, working with screen savers, and adjusting video settings. A special section provides you with a wealth of productivity tips to help you accomplish tasks faster.

  • Day 4, “Getting Online,” provides details on how to create three different Internet connection types and discusses the need for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in a networked environment. You’ll also learn the essentials for using Internet Explorer, including how to adjust its operation using the Internet Options applet. The day ends with some tips for searching the Internet.

  • Day 5, “Using Outlook Express,” shows how to use the free e-mail and news browser that comes with Windows XP. This includes coverage of all Outlook Express configuration options. Of special importance are tips on making the e-mail and newsgroup “surfing” experience safe.

  • Day 6, “Accessory Overview,” provides an overview of the accessories that you’ll commonly use with Windows to perform work. The highlight of this day is the use of accessibility features. They not only help those with special needs, but they can also help when environmental conditions threaten to make computing difficult.

  • Day 7, “Playing with Multimedia and Games,” discusses new features, such as Windows Movie Maker, that will allow even novices to create interesting presentations without buying additional software. The game sections begin with a short look at the four standard games that come with Windows. We’ll then look at problems that include configuring game controllers and getting games to install correctly. Finally, we’ll discuss methods for troubleshooting games played over a network.


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