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Chapter 33: Keeping Your PC Clean > Cleaning Your Monitor - Pg. 371

Chapter 33:Keeping Your PC Clean 371 Don't use a DustBuster, your regular vacuum cleaner, or your ShopVac. These can suck components off your circuit boards and can emit enough static electricity to fry a component. A computer vacuum is gentle and grounded. Also be careful not to suck up any loose screws. Before you begin, touch a metal part of the case to discharge any static electricity from your body, and keep your fingers away from the circuit boards. Dust likes to collect around the fan, ventilation holes, and disk drives. Try to vacuum the fan blades, too. If you can't get the tip of the vacuum between the blades, gently wipe them off with a cotton swab. Some fans have a filter where the fan is mounted. If you're really ambitious, remove the fan (be careful with the wires) and clean the filter. (Alternatively, take your PC outside and blow the dust out using your can of com pressed air. Be careful spraying the air against internal components. Compressed air can be very cold and can cause condensation to form on sensitive electrical components.) You can use a can of compressed air to blow dust off external peripheral devices as well, such as your keyboard and speakers. Cleaning Your Monitor If you can write "Wash Me" on your monitor with your fingertip, the monitor needs cleaning. Check the documentation that came with your computer or monitor to see