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01 The role of the warehouse > Health and safety issues - Pg. 24

24 Warehouse Management Product spills. Need quick response, to avoid crushed product and packaging from spreading across the working space, and ingestion into the working parts of equipment. Health and safety issues Additional hazards are particularly harsh at zero degrees or below, but can still apply in certain cases to the chilled chain. Specific issues surround the effect of cold temperature and the cold environment on people, and will also vary by type and size of facility and operations being undertaken. Specific hazards: accidental lock-in risk, requiring alarms and quick-release equipment; the effect of cold on people and use of PPE require specific advice and training for staff to wear appropriate thermal clothing, drink lots of water, protect bare skin (particularly fingers, noses and ears), taking greater care if smokers or drinkers; accidental release of refrigerant, particularly ammonia;