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Do more of what you love and set better ... > What do we mean by values? - Pg. 79

Do more of what you love and set better goals 79 We love to use our strengths; they are not skills any more than courage is a skill. The character strength is how we express what we value and need emotionally in our life: `values in action' (Seligman's `VIA') are at the heart of most of our intrinsic goals. What do we mean by values? Values are the way we prioritise what we need; they are learned rather than innate. What we give most value to governs the choices we make. Values guide both our choices and actions. They are how we prioritise needs that govern what we value and make us different from each other. We can become blocked when one value clashes with another, because it indicates a clash of needs. Your values reflect your emotional needs and noticing the strength of feeling you give to a value, or the response you feel when a value is threatened, can indicate a priority need. Most