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How to become more resilient and cope be... > Building an optimistic explanatory s... - Pg. 137

How to become more resilient and cope better 137 Beliefs should be questioned in two ways: 1 In relation to the adversity. Is the belief realistic? Is this the only interpretation of the evidence? 2 The consequent mood change. Is the emotional response out of proportion to the belief? When this is the case the belief may be an iceberg, 121 and underneath the surface is a more powerful hidden belief. This core belief may represent a core value, something that is a fundamental part of what matters most to you. See Chapters 4 and 7. Understanding this basic principle, that our interpretation of events affects how we feel, is at the heart of knowing we can affect how we respond to and manage immediate events. When we see the world in a positive light we affect more than our immediate response.