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Can you coach yourself? > Can you coach yourself? - Pg. 30

momentum coach yourself `I turned to coaching because I felt unfulfilled in my life. I had tried all sorts of ideas and therapies before, including counselling, drama therapy and yoga. Each one had worked to some extent but I still felt my life was in a bit of a mess. Perhaps it was because I am getting older, but I increasingly had the feeling that there should be more to life than this. I didn't want to work with a coach, partly because I couldn't afford it but also because I just didn't want to spend time telling someone else about all the things that were wrong with my life. Perhaps I am just arrogant but I felt I could fix things myself. I have to say I found it very straightforward. I started to use the life-coaching techniques I had read about and things started to fall into place. The most powerful part was the bit about focusing on success. In a way that is what you do when you write up your CV. You write down all the things you've done in your life and suddenly you think, "Well yes ­ I have achieved a lot, haven't I." And I found it worked even with little things. For example, I went to a dance class at my gym and although I was terrible at it I really loved it. Some of the other people in the class had been professional dancers and I was just 30