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Acknowledgments - Pg. ix

Acknowledgments I wouldn't have been able to write this book without the support of my family--especially my wife Jennifer, who understands how I'm constantly wavering between the worlds of trader and writer and puts up with it. My daughters Abigail and Elizabeth give me daily joy beyond what I ever could have imagined. Any skill I have as a writer comes mostly from what my father, a retired English professor, taught me when I was growing up. His encouragement and praise are price- less because he never hesitates to tell me when he thinks I could and should have done better. I wrote this book while sharing a Westchester office with my close friend George Chuang, whom I first met at Lehman Brothers back in the late nineties. George is one of the best friends and best business- men I ever hope to know. He's always graciously made a comfortable desk, complete with a great Internet connection and all the trim- mings, available to me during my sojourns away from Wall Street and into writing. Thanks also go out to his team at USB Media Company, especially Maggie Dobbins and Cristina Herrera. Also in Westchester, my good friend Dan Riseman, the hardest