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Set goals and make time - Pg. 23

Just do your tasks Set goals and make time G oals are essential to time management. Allot a good block of time to setting goals. True, you'll have less time for other activities. But it's one of the best strategies for saving time. You cannot make the most of your time without knowing what you're trying to achieve--over the short term and long term. Goals must be attainable (ambitious, yet realistic), measurable, written, accountable, and with deadlines. Each year list at least three personal and three professional long- term goals, indicating for each a deadline and how you will measure achievement. Prioritize these goals as A, B, and C. Then put this list in a prominent place where its presence will motivate you. When you're setting your goals, plan your setting of the goals to better enable you to achieve them. Usually, workplace and home are environments of interaction. If certain responsibilities require time alone, schedule time to create it: Identify a time each week when you're least likely to have vital interactions. Block off at least two hours on your calendar for uninterrupted work. If you're at work, make sure that people know about your "sacred" hours. This strategy might even be practical at home. Hang a "do not disturb" sign on your door. Keep the door closed. (If you do not have an enclosed office, tape the sign in a strate- 23