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15. Start With a Salutation > 15. Start With a Salutation - Pg. 51

14­15 The most usual salutation is Dear, followed by the recipient's first or last name, depending on your relationship. Some e-mail correspondents forgo the Dear altogether and just write the recipient's name followed by a colon. This is a less formal approach, and should be reserved for people with whom you have a well- established relationship. When responding to e-mails you receive from people you don't know well, look for the following clues to tell you how you should refer to them when writing back. · If the person signs off with his or her full name (Carol Carmichael), be on the safe side and reply Dear Ms. Carmichael. · If a woman does not denote her marital status (Carol Carmichael), then go with Ms. · If the person signs off with his or her first name (Carol), you can feel free to respond in kind with Dear Carol.