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Individual Time Management Profiles he does not need to use an additional cradle to connect his Blackberry with his desktop computer. The synchronization is done automatically by paying subscription fees to his cell phone company. Currently, a majority of users haven't obtained this convenient feature because of expense. However, the calendar experiences from Greg and his other colleagues such as Amy demonstrate how synchronization could be performed in a cheaper and more efficient way for calendar users. Without convenient and easy syn- chronization, the biggest complaint from users maintaining a combination of different calendar tools is the difficulty to keep all temporal information consistent. Greg's company has a good solution for it if cost is not a big concern, since users do not need to be bothered to synchronize their separate tools on their own. CONCLuSION This chapter primarily describes the time management stories of some individual professionals and their experiences with their different calendar tools. Consistent with Wu and Tremaine (2004)'s findings, a majority of professionals use a combination of different calendar tools for managing their time. Some of them still keep their paper-based calendars. Four basic needs of time management tools were again confirmed with more interviewees: · Portability