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Lesson 7. Creating Slices and Hotspots > Working with the Web Layer - Pg. 143

Creating Slices and Hotspots In Lesson 8, you will export this file as a GIF image. 143 Working with the Web Layer Hotspots and slices (covered later in this lesson) are stored on the Web Layer on the Layers panel. The Web Layer is the top layer by default and cannot be moved. As you work with your images, you may want to hide the hotspots or slices to edit the objects below. You can click Show/Hide Slices on the Tools panel or use the Layers panel. If you use the Tools panel, all hotspots, slices, and slice guides are hidden. If you use the Layers panel, you can hide individual slices or hotspots. 1. Choose Window > Layers to open the Layers panel. The Layers panel displays the Web Layer as the top layer.