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Chapter 9. Troubleshooting > Other Importing Problems

Other Importing Problems

Here are a miscellany of importing problems and solutions that don’t fit larger categories:

  • iPhoto may crash if you disconnect your camera while photos are transferring.

  • If iPhoto fails to warn you about duplicates, it may be because the date and time on your camera are wrong.

  • Make sure there are no aliases among files you are importing; they can cause crashes.

  • iPhoto 2 won’t recognize discs burned in iPhoto 4 through iPhoto 6, although the later versions can recognize older discs.

  • If iPhoto 6 complains about not being able to upgrade your library on the first launch, the problem is related either to incorrect permissions or to locked files. For instructions on solving this problem, see

  • If you import a file that is misnamed—a TIFF file with a .jpg filename extension, for example—iPhoto may display the picture strangely when editing, refuse to let you order prints, or even crash. Delete the misnamed picture from your Photo Library; then rename it appropriately in the Finder before importing it again.

  • If you have erased your camera and need to recover the original photos, check out the $29 PhotoRescue (a free version will tell you if it’s going to work). Learn more at Also try the $39.95 ImageRecall from


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