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  • Not all memory cards are created equal, and bigger isn’t necessarily better. Choose the correct memory card for your camera and for your needs. Don’t forget to format your memory card every time you take it out of the camera.

  • Only edit in camera when your memory card is not close to being full.

  • The best image quality will be obtained when shooting at the optimum ISO for your camera. Noise is inherent at higher ISOs.

  • The only filter acceptable for digital is a polarizer.

  • Achieving the correct white balance may be subjective.

  • X-Rite ColorCheckers can give a photographer the technically correct white balance.

  • Your work environment is a critical component to your overall workflow and image quality.

  • The histogram of an image shows the range of tone within an image. There is no such thing as a good or bad histogram. It simply reflects the tonal range of the image.

  • Digital is linear capture, meaning we are capturing degrees of brightness. Twice the light or brightness equals twice the data or information.

  • With digital capture, it is better to make a judgment call to overexpose, rather than underexpose.

  • The histogram on the back of the camera is an sRGB histogram representing luminance only, and is typically off by one stop.

  • It is essential to have a backup for digital imaging.


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