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Tagging Images of People

You’re either going to think this is the coolest, most advanced technology in all of Elements, or you’re going to think it’s creepy and very Big Brother-ish (from the book by George Orwell, not the TV show). Either way, it’s here to help you tag people easier because the Organizer can automatically find photos of people for you—as it has some sort of weird science, facial-recognition software built in (that at one point was developed for the CIA, which is all the more reason it belongs in Elements).

Step One.
Let’s say you want to quickly find all the photos of your daughter. In the Organizer, select the group of photos you want to search through (you can press Ctrl-A [Mac: Command-A] to Select All, click on an album, or just Ctrl-click [Mac: Command-click] on as many images as you want to sort through). Then go under the Find menu and choose Find People for Tagging, or just click on the Start People Recognition button at the top of the Keyword Tags palette.


Step Two.
This brings up the People Recognition – Label People dialog with the images that contain a human face. Just click on the “Who is this?” link beneath one of the image thumbnails, type in a name to tag the photo with, and press Enter (Mac: Return). If this keyword doesn’t already exist, this will create a new one. If Elements found something that isn’t a face in a photo, just hover your cursor over the image, and click the X in the black circle at the top right. If multiple images contain the same people, there’s no need to tag each image. Just click the Save button and in the next dialog, you’ll be given the option to tag the other images with the keyword(s) you just created. Click beneath the other image thumbnails and choose the keyword(s) you just created.


Step Three.
If you’ve selected images that all contain the same person, Elements will give you the option of tagging all the images at once. When you click the Save button in the Label People dialog, the People Recognition – Confirm Groups of People dialog will appear. Here, you’ll click on any images that you want to exclude from tagging. Once you’re done, click Save and you’ll get a dialog letting you know that you successfully tagged all of the faces in the images that you selected.

Step Four.
If Elements didn’t recognize a face, you can always add your own. In the Media Browser, click on the image with the person you want to tag, then click the Add Missing Person icon beneath the bottom right of image thumbnail. Click-and-drag the rectangle over the person’s face, resize it by dragging any of the corner handles, and give ‘em a name.

Tip: Train Elements to Find Faces

The more you tag and the more you use this face tagging technology, the better you train Elements to find faces. Each time you tag faces, it gets more and more accurate.

Another Tip: Find Similar Photos

As cool as this technology is, it doesn’t stop there. Say you have a photo of a tall building, and you want to find all the similar photos that have a tall building. Just click on one of your building photos, go under the Find menu, and choose By Visual Similarity with Selected Photo(s) and Video(s). It will look for photos that have similar attributes (such as a building, similar colors, or orientation) to what you’ve already chosen. (Note: This feature is currently only available in the PC version of Elements 9.)



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