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iPhoto ’11 > Adding Titles and Captions - Pg. 22

iPhoto '11 Adding Titles and Captions iPhoto forces some organization on you by storing each set of imported images as a separate event. Even if you never use iPhoto's other organizational features, you're still ahead of the old shoebox photo- filing system: you will always be able to view your photos in chronological order. But don't stop there. Take the time to assign titles and descriptions to your favorite shots. By performing these and other housekeeping tasks, you can make photos easier to find and keep your library well organized. Titles are names or brief descriptions Using the Information Pane When you want to give photos titles and descriptions, turn to the Information pane. To display the Information pane, click the button. Step 1. Select the photo to which you want to assign a title and/or description. Step 2. Click in the Title or Description area of the Information pane, then type the title or description. Keep your titles fairly short. Think of a description as the text you'd normally write on the back of a photo.